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Application for a vacancy, one bedroom flat, available August 2019

Note! Before you apply, read the important information about how the house works below!

Follows a translation of the application form you hopefully got a link to.

Please reply at latest by May 14th 2019! Following here, a few questions for the selection of a new tenant to the co-housing Kollektivhuset Regnbågen (one bedroom + kitchen, available Aug 1st, 2019). Next, we'll select a small number of applicants for an interview. Maybe you replied earlier. But you're welcome to reply again – life changes. If you already answered during 2018 to other applications you don't have to repeat it (but you may update them).

E-mail address (E-postadress)

Who are part of the household, and what ages are you? Introduces yourselves in a way you wish.

What are your plans for the future? (Vilka är dina/era framtidsplaner?)

Why do you want to live in Kollektivhuset Regnbågen? (Varför vill du/ni bo i Kollektivhuset Regnbågen?)

What experiencies do you have of cooperation in larger groups, for instance in associations? (Vilka erfarenheter har du/ni…)

How much time and possibilites do you have to be engaged in the house? (Hur mycket tid och möjlighet…)

What are your interests and hobbies? (Vilka intressen har du/ni?)

How can you contribute to the house? (Hur kan du/ni bidra i huset?)

What are your experiencies of shared or co-housing living? (Vilken erfarenhet har du/ni av kollektivt boende?)

Is anyone in the household a smoker? (Röker någon i hushållet?) Yes (Ja) No (Nej)

Other contact information? Phone, alternative e-mail? (Fler aktuella kontaktuppgifter)

Important information on Kollektivhuset Regnbågen

Is co-housing (kollektivhus) something for you? It suits some of us perfectly, others wouldn't like it.

Although the owner of the house is LKF (Lunds Kommunala Fastighetsbolag, large local landlord, in public ownership), there are many different from ordinary rental homes.

You must be comfortable with the following facts, or co-housing will probably not be right for you.

Tenants in Kollektivhuset Regnbågen sign a particular agreement, and become members in the association ”Lunds Kollektivhus nr 2 Ekonomisk förening”. Tenants must, among other things, perform a number of tasks for caretaking, including:

Partaking in the food team (matlag). Each adult member is expected to cook at least three times a semester for all tenants.

  • Regularily clean corridors, stairs, laundry and other common areas.
  • Partake in cleaning days (röjardag).
  • Partake in house meetings, roughly once a month.
  • Partake in interest groups, focused on particular tasks.
  • Take your own initatives to improvements and maintenance.
  • Be responsible, and see what has to be done.

In return, you get to know your neighbours, and share responsibility for people and property. Living in Kollektivhuset Regnbågen is safe and fun when everyone contributes.

NB! The particular rules means you cannot swap apartments with other tenants outside the house in the for Sweden regular way. New tenants always have to be approved by the association's board.

Looking for an apartment in Kollektivhuset Regnbågen?

You must be registered with the LKF. When we have a vacancy, you may reply to the advertisment at their site. Still the association of the house and its board will select new tenants.

More info following…

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